Here's what's waiting for you inside Abundant Alpaca:

  • 14 powerful & energy-loaded trainings where we will cover the ins and outs of building a money-making business on your own terms
  • Exclusive audio trainings and recordings (there's a whole bunch of awesome extras waiting for you!)
  • Journaling and mindset work with specific prompts, guiding you through the process of thinking and acting like an abundant alpaca and authority
  • Lots of bonuses and whatever else I deem helpful for you to grow and expand

VIP Alpaca Option

Want a VIP spot for personal ass-kicking?

On top of the Abundant Alpaca program content you will receive:

  • 1x 45 min audio-only coaching call with Susi
  • The exclusive Abundant Alpaca T-Shirt
  • 1x exclusive bonus training: The Notion backend set up of our multi 6-figure business [exclusive behind-the-scenes video]
  • Private access to my SECRET mindset journaling pages - this is exactly how I'm constantly elevating myself, my business and my income.


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Get Balance & Boundaries for $88 (normally $275!) to get all the foundations to mastering your balance, personal and business boundaries and juggling many balls at the same time.

✔ Kill the free time guilt. How to enjoy your time off, whilst there's still so much to do

✔ Includes the guilt-free free-time hypnosis, for anyone struggling to switch off.

✔ Efficiency Ninja: How to focus on what really matters, so you can run your 6-figure business in 4 hours a day or less

✔ Boundaries with others (energy vampires, clients, family, and people who don't get it)

✔ Kickass Action and Feminine Energy: Balancing the masculine and feminine in your life and business

"Susi has a talent to break down complicated processes into easy actionable steps. Gets me out of overthinking and into taking action every time!" - Caroline

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